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Innovative Healthcare

We believe that everyone should have an easier access to healthcare.

The idea behind Medella was to create a simple, efficient, and secure network to revolutionize the way our medical files are stored and accessed.

Understanding the urge to maintain medical privacy while integrating accessibility, Medella offers a platform that allows patients to better control their data. Our aim is to create a trusted and reliable community of healthcare providers, accessible to all, anytime anywhere.

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Why use Medella?

Find your doctor

Find health professionals in our network, tailored to your preferences and need

Make an appointment

Make a preference-based appointment 24/7 for physical or video consultation


Access your medical record, insurance information, and healthcare provider easily and securely

Medella ID

Carry your personal Medella Health ID wherever you go for your comfort and peace of mind

Security & Privacy

Medella is secure and private network, protecting your data using advanced blockchain technology

Healthcare professionals

Organize your practice using our comprehensive communication tools to connect with patients easily, with hassle-free scheduling possibilities, and automatic patient management features. Join our network of healthcare professionals and drive your practice forward.

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Coming soon

Introducing Medella, the first tool to serve as a shield for healthcare in the U.S.

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